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Straight Section

Trenchlite® GRP  Cable Troughs are available in 300mm and 600mm depths. The Trenchlite® system has been tested to BS EN 1433 (troughs) and BS EN 124 (lids) Classes A, B, C and D. With a weight saving of over 90% when compared with precast concrete, Trenchlite® GRP Cable Troughs provide savings on purchase, delivery and installation – whilst offering better performance and higher safety standards. The GRP Cable Trough system is versatile and can be quickly and easily drilled onsite to install cable ducting or pipe work.

Safe, strong and value for money.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Trenchlite® GRP Cable Trough Range Includes:

300mm and 600mm depths as standard
600mm internal width as standard
Range of straight, tee, right angle and wide radius sections

  • Rated to 11 tonne working load:

Designed to meet of BS EN 1433 load classes A15 and B125. The trough can withstand test loads of up to 40 tonne without the need for concrete support.

  • Strong By Design:

Ribbed design provides exceptional vertical and side wall loadings, ensuring minimal side wall flex when back filled or if the trough lids are removed. The trough is designed to meet the load classes of BS EN 1433 classes A15, B125, C250 and D400.

  • Easy Installation:

Significant reduction in transport, machinery, time and labour required to install the units when compared with concrete troughs.

  • Lightweight:

Trenchlite® GRP Cable Trough offers a 90% weight saving when compared with precast concrete.

  • Improved Health And Safety:

Risks associated with moving precast concrete in excess of 500kg are significantly reduced when using Trenchlite® GRP Cable Troughs.

  • Smooth Internal Walls:

Smooth internal walls of the trough allow for easier cable pulling eliminating cable damage.

  • Corrosion Resistant:

Doesn’t need metal reinforcement bars.


300 Range 600 Range
Weight (kg) 31 41
Unit Length (mm) 1000 1000
Internal Dimensions (W x H mm) 600 x 300 600 x 600
External Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 1000 x 790 x 437 1000 x 790 x 762
Internal Capacity mm2 180,000 360,000
Colour Grey Grey
Material GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)